Company profile

Seatech is a shipbuilding consultancy founded in 2003. We are based in Spain, and work in shipbuilding consultancy worldwide. Seatech’s main area of activity is to provide companies with expert consultants to develop shipbuilding projects using the FORAN System. We are ready to send our specialised consultants anywhere in the world, to develop and finalise projects on-site at the shipyard.

Seatech experience

Ship design and shipbuilding

Ship design and shipbuilding projects worldwide, using FORAN, is Seatech’s principal focus. Our consultants are ready to travel to the site, and will spend whatever time is necessary working at the shipyard until completion of the project.

Specialised FORAN coaching

Specialised FORAN coaching for shipyard personnel is also available.
Coaching is carried out by our expert consultants, who have developed a number of projects with FORAN in shipyards all over the world..

Other services for our customers

Additionally, Seatech provides its customers with:

  • Project planning and construction management
  • Systems integration
  • Production engineering
  • CAD/CAE/CAM systems
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